My Children

I created a place to leave my thoughts and impressions to you, my children. A place where I can share my heart, my worries, and my longings for your lives, as I try to turn to my Father in Heaven while in this time of raising you. I hope that it will be found as a treasure as you look into my view as your mother. A place where I can whisper to you from this time in my life and yours, share the memories of each month or day with images that I have taken to document it. My hope is that through my words and my images, it will draw you back to these simple times and you can feel my love. Most of all, that all the times where I have taken images of us together (even though you get frustrated with me) that you will see the deeper meaning of my why. I understand that these days of having you so little and in my care are quick to leave. So I try to capture them, maybe not so much for you as for me. They will be so treasured to me once you have left us to go on your own journey as we all must do.

_MG_0820_1FBI know that there will be times as we continue this beautiful bond and you get older, that our perspectives on life and the little things will vary drastically.  I hope that when you get to the stage in life where you have to make hard choices for your children, this space will bring you comfort. Maybe even insight on where I could have been better and where you can be with your children. I know that I won’t be perfect and that I will make mistakes, probably even lots. But one day I pray that you will be able to see that everything I did was because I thought it was best for you. You are my treasure here in mortality. and for eternity.  I feel the responsibility constantly of being your mom. The trust that God has given me to raise you, to teach you to love and see the good can feel overwhelming. Yet each and every day you make me want to be a better mother, wife, and daughter of God. You seem to teach me more than I could ever teach you.


I hope you one day realize how loved you are. It seems like life as a parent is something not understood until you are in the midst of living it. You don’t fully comprehend that deepness of love. Your father and I would give up anything in our lives even our life itself, if it were to benefit you. There are many times in this life that we do make huge sacrifices just to make your life the best it can be. Never forget how loved, wanted, and needed you are. You are a key part in this family, each and every one of you.  There are things in this family that only you can give and bring. I look up to you. I see your willingness to forgive, your way of always seeing the good in others, how you think of others feelings, your joy in doing service, your beautiful imagination (that seems to have been lost to us in adulthood) and your way of always finding the beauty in every situation.


It is no wonder that Christ told us to become as little children. When I look at you, I see everything that I want to be in this life. You are my joy and my life. Always remember where you came from, that you are divine in nature, that you are a part of God. Created in His image. What a glorious blessing to know this, never forget it. Because even as much as dad and I love you, He loves you even more, which is unfathomable here in this life. I love you. I love you so much. No matter what happens in this life, what choices you make, I will always love you. I will always worry about you and want the best for you. Nothing will change that.




Welcome to Artifact Motherhood. This is a collaboration of artists from around the world who have come together to share our stories of the joys and struggles of our journey. Through our writings and visual records, we wan to create memories that are more than photographs with dates written on the back. These are the artifacts we are leaving behind for our children and for generations to come. Up next is the amazingly talented Lauren Webster, please follow the link and show some love:…8/06/05/may


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